DRAFT Programme


We meet at 7.30pm on the first Tuesday of the month in Quinton Village Hall, unless otherwise stated - visitors always welcome

We also meet at 10.30am every Friday mornings under the Walnut Tree on The Green (weather permitting)  Bring your own chair and drink !




Tuesday 4 January - Happy New Year Games Night with Christmas food

Tuesday 1 February - Memories of lockdown and holidays post lockdown

Tuesday 1 March - Celebrating St David's Day with traditional Welsh dress and food |(Welsh cakes, bara brith, leek and caerphilly tart) Competition.  A Welsh photo.

Tuesday 5 April -  "The Music Man"

Tuesday 3 May - Jean Bates, NCFWI ACWW (Associated Countrywomen of the World) Officer

Tuesday 7 June - Juris Trede talking on his life in Latvia before the 2nd World War & How he became a Welsh Man.

Tuesday 28 June - Afternoon visit to Cramden Nursery

Tuesday 5 July

August is our Holiday Month

Tuesday 6 September

Tuesday 4 October

Tuesday 2 November

Tuesday 6 December - Christmas jollifications

PLEASE NOTE: Due to circumstances beyond our control, programme liable to change.