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Members enjoyed a fabulous trip to Springfields. The sun shone brightly and members roamed the gardens; took part in some retail therapy; and rested with tea and scones. Thank you to the County Federation for organising a trip that hit the spot!
24.04 Tulips at Springfields 24.04 Lake at Springfields 

Members from across the county enjoying a lovely morning ‘Slow stitching’ with tutor, Julie Williams, at WI House. Not only do you create a lovely item but it includes some gentle mindfulness

24.02 Members at work24.02 Buttons and examples and hearts

What a terrific time we had at WI House with tutors Shirley and Jean leading the Decoupage workshop. Look at the array of beautiful items everyone made.

23.11 Group with their work

23.11 Concentrating23.11 Examples of their work23.11 Decorated shells23.11 Decorated box

Having fun at WI House with Japanese braiding. The mantra is right down, left up and turn!

23.04 trying really hard

23.04 working away23.04 Having fun
Fabulous Literary Lunch (held at The Northampton Marriott Hotel) with guest speaker Simon Michael, QC and crime writer.   So successful he sold all his books!
Simon Michael with Heather SmithAnnie Rodwell presenting raffle prizeSigning books

21.10 Mosaics Group picAt the beginning of October 2021 Anna Conti came to WI House to lead our Mosaics Workshop. This was really fun, and everyone who attended went away chuffed to bits with their mosaic mirror.  It is a shame more members didn’t sign up for this workshop as we had to almost cancel it.

I would be interested to know what sort of workshops members would like the Arts Sport and Leisure Sub Committee to arrange, and it would be wonderful if some of you would consider joining our merry band.

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