Upton WI was formed in 2009 when a couple of ladies who had all just moved into a new Eco housing development got together to talk about how they could create a community spirit. Many ideas were discussed but once the WI was suggested that seemed to hit the right note.

Once we contacted the WI to help us set up there was no stopping us and we've never looked back. Initially we mainly consisted of residents from Upton but we're now delighted to be have a membership made up of ladies from all over Northampton and the surrounding villiages, but mainly from Upton & Duston, hence our name change in 2013.

We like to pride ourselves on being a fun loving, friendly WI where new faces are always welcome to join us. We like to learn new crafts and skills, and have a go at anything for a laugh. Yearly we co-ordinate the Upton May Day fete for the community to raise funds for our WI and other community organisations.

One year most of us completed monthly craft projects which we started at the beginning of the year - ladies chose to do crochet, patchwork, cross stitch or paper craft and each month they received patterns / instructions and materials to complete part of the project. At the end of the year we all had beautiful, completed, hand created item or items to be proud of. This we are are doing a different project each month. We love a challenge - baking, quizzes, knitting chains - you name it, we're up for it.

We do most of our communicating with members and friends via our Facebook page. Please come and have a look.


We are made up of ladies of all ages with some of our younger ladies in their 20s with young babies to ladies who are happy to admit being, well let's just say over 60ish. But most importantly we're all good friends, there for each other and that's as a result of being part of our WI. We welcome any lady over 18 no matter where they live.