Bobbin Lace Club

The Bobbin Lace Club was formed by a group of WI members who attended a course on Bedfordshire lace making run by the Federation and decided they wished to continue.  The course was tutored by Joan Bilson from Pitsford WI and she continues in this role with the Club.  The Club meets every four weeks on Thursday mornings from 10.30am - 12.30pm throughout the year (EXCEPT August when the office is closed) at WI House and caters for all aspects of lacemaking and fine embroidery.  Membership is restriced to about 12 people at any time and all members take turns to provide the refreshments at meetings.  Members' abilities range from the total novice to near-expert, but all are welcome  Members pay a joining fee of £10 and £5 per session to cover the cost of the tutor.  Contact Jennifer Cooper or WI House if you are interested.