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September 2021 updated from our own Denman Rep - Christine Farmer
Still no news, except some of you MAY have seen the photographs on the Unofficial page which showed the sorry state of the grounds and how quickly nature is taking over.

August 2021 update From our own Denman Rep - Christine Farmer
Just to say the ‘Save Denman’ group are still working away, behind the scenes, hoping to reverse the decision to sell Denman, but at this moment, nothing to report – we must ‘keep the faith’.
Do visit to view courses on offer in August, including:
* Poetry of the First World War
* Exploring Oxford College Gardens
* Travel Talk on the Swahili Coast

July 2021 update From our own Denman Rep - Christine Farmer
I am sure things are happening behind-the-scenes but we are not privy to any of these discussions. If you were at the annual general meeting, which was from a virtual platform last Tuesday, you will have noted that hardly any mention was made of Denman. Reprinted below is the little bit we were given on the finances of Denman and a bit of a blurb from their promotional page from the Denman ‘room’ at the meeting.

Learning and development have been at the heart of the WI since its very beginning. In May 2020, we opened our virtual doors to Denman at Home, our latest offering in a long history of delivering added value to WI Membership and the community at large. Just one year since the launch of Denman at Home, we’ve had over 70,000 different people join794 online courses and events. Could you be the next to discover that hidden talent you never knew you had? There’s something for every ability and interest – and all at the click of a button.’

And on the finances –
DEFICIT £1.165m

Go to to view courses on offer in July, including:
* The History of English Gardens
* The Spitfire Women of World War II
* Getting to know Beethoven’s 5th Symphony

In the future
Something to look forward to – when WI House does reopen,Christine has some Denman goods, ready priced - and they will be on sale!


Maddy Harrison of Great Billing WI enjoyed a Zoom embroidery meeting with Claire Salmon. Very clear
instructions and list of requirements before meeting started.
Embroidery via Zoom