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Denman – Form of Notice

Following the consultation and representations period communicated at the end of 2020, we are now sharing the below notice from the Charity Commission which publishes their intention, based on their review of the response to the previous representations process, to make a scheme for the Denman Trust which will support the change of the charity’s charitable objects and allow for the sale of the Denman Estate. This is a Charity Commission process and therefore any feedback on their decision to make this scheme should be sent to them directly via a form on the Charity Commission website. This process is managed by the Charity Commission and therefore NFWI cannot handle communications on their behalf. This notice is also being sent directly to key Denman audiences and published in today’s copy of The Telegraph. This circulation list was agreed by the Charity Commission in line with their standard requirements for publicising their intention to make a scheme.

As ever, we thank you for your ongoing engagement and support with this difficult process. (4 May 2021)


Form of notice
Charity Commission Charity: Denman College (803793-1)

The Commission proposes to make a Scheme (a legal document) for this charity. The Scheme will amend the objects of the charity and provide a power of sale. A copy of the Scheme can be seen at
(If you cannot access this please call our contact centre on 0300 066 9197)
Comments or representations on these proposals can be made to the Commission within one month from 4 May 2021 by completing the form on our website. Please quote reference C-001876.


May 2021 update From our own Denman Rep - Christine Farmer
Denman at Home continues to offer great courses and good value for money.
To find out more go to - Denman at Home - Course Search.

Those offered in May include:
* A Caper around Covent Garden with Simon Gregor
* Viking Astronomy with Martin Lunn
* Stitched Art Pictures and Cards with Claire Salmon

In the future
Something to look forward to – when WI House does reopen,Christine has some Denman goods, ready priced - and they will be on sale!


Maddy Harrison of Great Billing WI enjoyed a Zoom embroidery meeting with Claire Salmon. Very clear
instructions and list of requirements before meeting started.
Embroidery via Zoom